NanoGeoTherm welcomes new network partner

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PERKON Technologies GmbH

Since May 2024, PERKON Technologies GmbH has been strengthening the NanoGeoTherm network and expanding its expertise in the areas of water treatment, heat transfer fluids and heating technology. We warmly welcome the company to the network and look forward to the intensive and cooperative exchange!

In the ZIM cooperation network NanoGeoTherm, industrial partners and application-oriented research institutions from Germany and Belgium work together to make nanotechnologies usable for near-surface geothermal energy. One focus is on increasing thermal and electrical conductivity and integrating sensor technology. PERKON Technologies GmbH, an innovative company based in Germany, is now strategically strengthening the consortium with extensive know-how and expertise in the areas of water treatment, heat transfer fluids and heating technology. PERKON is committed to developing groundbreaking products using water and nanotechnologies. The company has a specially developed process for treating water, which opens up fundamentally new possibilities for water use. This allows, for example, the production of extremely stable aqueous nanodispersions. The technology is therefore extremely exciting not only for geothermal energy, but also for many other industrial applications using nanomaterials.

The product HEIZUNGSKRAFT® developed by the company uses Multi Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (MWCNT) and PERKON water. It significantly increases the heat capacity and thermal conductivity values of the dispersion. The product, which is standardized according to VDI-2035, enables heating costs to be reduced by more than 30%.

You can find more information about the new partner Perkon here.