NanoBRIDGE network

Bridge between German and Russian nanotechnology excellence

In April 2012, the Cluster Nanotechnology and 11 other German and Russian partners from science and economy, under the overall control of the East-West-Science Centre at the University of Kassel and operating under the title of NanoBRIDGE, began a two-year project to promote German–Russian collaborations in the field of nanotechnology.  The project is one of four winning networks promoted within the framework of the BMBF programme `Promoting innovation in Germany – Russia Campain´.

Under the motto "Research in Germany – Land of Ideas", the NanoBRIDGE network will use synergies of German and Russian nanotechnology excellence for the joint enhancement of sustainable competitiveness. "Bridging Nano for Sustainable Competitiveness" is the motto for the partner network, which brings together science and nanobiotechnology companies, along with applied nanotechnology. Biomedical and bioanalytical applications of nanoscale systems to solve medical and diagnostic problems are also of joint interest, alongside the improvement of materials' mechanical and electronic properties.

German–Russian partnerships are developed, concepts for bilateral education and training in this future-oriented field of science and technology are formulated, and the exchange of young scientists for a period of research in the partner country is supported through targeted activities such as bilateral workshops as specialist forums, contact forums and presentations of NanoBRIDGE at exhibitions and conferences.

Within the framework of NanoBRIDGE, the Cluster Nanotechnology is primarily committed to SME participations through the establishment of a team for the targeted further development and tracking of German–Russian partner projects, the organisation of a specialist workshop in Saint Petersburg, and the planning and preparation of conference appearances and contact referrals for Russian SMEs.

The intensification and increased scope planned with NanoBRIDGE are aimed at long-term cooperation between German and Russian nanosciences and innovative companies, as well as the consolidation of mutual trust in collaborations. Furthermore, the initiative represents an increased quality of the promotion of research in Germany and the excellence in this pioneering technology.

More information: Image brochure NanoBRIDGE (Russian, 2MB)