First network day Cluster Nanotechnology

October 05 & 06, 2022 in Würzburg

Würzburg, October 05 & 06, 2022. The first Network Day of the Cluster Nanotechnology was a successful networking event with partners from all networks of the Cluster Nanotechnology: Networks NanoSilber, NanoCarbon, nanoInk, NanoAnalytik, Nano4eMob and NanoGeoTherm.

With its broad and international network, the Cluster Nanotechnology has become a central point of contact for specialist information about nanotechnology, but also for professional technology transfer. A central focus in the Cluster's work has always been crosslinking all stakeholders , e.g. research institutions, users in industry and authorities, as well as the initiation, support and management of concrete projects in the field of nanotechnology. Doing this, the Cluster Nanotechnology has been successfully managing cooperation networks on different topics over the last 11 years, bringing together hidden champions and core actors from diverse industries and research fields. The aim of the Network Day was to create and deepen links between these different networks and to extend or establish cooperation activities among the network partners.

The focus of the first day was on personal networking, introducing and getting to know each other. After an initial comprehensive introduction to the networks NanoSilver, NanoCarbon, nanoInk, NanoAnalytics, Nano4eMob, NanoGeoTherm and the association Nanonetz Bayern e.V. there was plenty of time and room for personal exchange with all the partners of the respective networks. In the evening, the newly established personal contacts were further deepened at the joint evening event with a cellar tour, wine tasting and Bavarian “Brotzeit” in the Staatliche Hofkeller in Würzburg.

The second day’s focus was on project-related networking, including the presentation of concrete project ideas in short pitches and following discussion at project tables. The topics were diverse and ranged from flame retardant powder coatings for fibre composites, comprehensive characterisation of TiO2 and CO2 capture applications to glass-based carbon nanotubes and graphene composites. The event Network Day ended with individual meetings of the expert networks, giving each network the confidential room for further professional exchange. Based on our participants’ very positive feedback, we intend to organize a further Network Day in the future to ensure the sustainable exchange between the Cluster Nanotechnology’s expert networks in the long run.