Keeling & Walker is the leading manufacturer of tin oxides and functional pigments.

Tin oxides have many applications ranging from ceramics, glass, automotive to electronic industries. Keeling&Walker´s strength is the adaption of tin oxide properties to the requirements of the individual application.

Under the trade names StanoStat and Irasorb Keeling & Walker offer a range of Infrared Light absorbing pigments, especially for application in

  • opaque and transparent antistatic coatings on glass, ceramics and polymers
  • IR-absorbing solar protection films
  • Laser-marking of polymers, paper and ceramics
  • Laser direct structuring process for polymers
  • functional additives in coatings and inks
  • additives for powder sintering in 3D printing applications
  • brand protection and security solutions
  • reheating additives and curing accelerators in IR processes

StanoStat and Irasorb products are available not only as powders but also as nanodispersions.