Nanosurf GmbH

Nanosurf GmbH is the German sales & service subsidiary of the Nanosurf Group for the European market. Nanosurf, founded in 1997, is a Swiss-based provider of scanning probe microscopes. Their products are developed and produced in the headquarters in Liestal by a dedicated team of experienced engineers and physicists, and sold worldwide through subsidiaries and an expansive network of distribution partners.

The company started out as a high-tech spin-off of the University of Basel, and has demonstrated impressive growth over its 20 years of existence. Nanosurf now employs more than 0 staff at the headquarters in Liestal, with additional staff in its subsidiaries in China, Germany, and the United States.

With a series of compact, easy-to-use AFMs and STMs that are used mostly in educational settings, Nanosurf managed to establish a firm presence in this sector. More than 3.000 instruments of this type are being used in university classrooms and laboratories across the globe.

While still dominant in the teaching sector, Nanosurf has since developed several innovative AFM solutions that impress with their ease of use and solution-focused design approach. Nanosurf’s full range of products now includes the most compact AFM and STM instruments on the market, state-of-the-art research atomic force microscope systems, and customized and comprehensive next-level solutions. Customers in research, industry and teaching alike value the innovative approach, modularity, and ease of use of Nanosurf’s solutions.

Nanosurf is the global market leader for:

  • AFM-based single-cell and nanomanipulation tools
  • AFM-based diagnostics and automatic nanomechanical analysis
  • AFM and STM devices for universities and teaching
  • Compact and mountable AFM systems
  • Custom-built AFM systems

Currently Nanosurf is taking the next step in the market for high-end, research-grade solutions, with some truly groundbreaking devices in development.

Gegenwärtig ist Nanosurf dabei den nächsten Schritt im High-End Segment zu gehen, mit einigen bahnbrechenden Geräten und Verfahren, die sich in der Entwicklungspipeline befinden.