A competent network in nanotechnology with participants from economy, science, politics and teaching.

Cluster Nanotechnology

A competent network in nanotechnology
with participants from economy, science,
politics and teaching.

Cluster Nanotechnology

The Cluster Nanotechnology is supported within the Bavarian Cluster Offensive by the Bavarian State Government. Major objective is the continuous development of a compentence network in the field of nanotechnology to support an efficient transfer of latest R&D-results into products. Close cross-linking of the research, economic and educating sectors is of utmost importance. The focus of the cluster activities is on the further development of a dense network between small and medium-sized enterprises with universities, universities of applied sciences and publicly funded research institutions. The Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH is responsible for the cluster management.

Major competences

  • Promotion of cooperations between R&D institutions and operators in the economy
  • Initiation, support and coordination of projects up to complete project management
  • Realisation of customer-specific innovation workshops
  • Initiation and management of networks related to nanotechnology
  • Support of project proposals
  • Support of application-oriented research
  • International research marketing
  • Organisation of seminars, workshops and participation in exhibitions
  • Knowledge procurement and assessment
  • Promotion of nanotechnological teaching contents in schools and at the universities
  • Open discussion of chances and risks

History of the Cluster

The Cluster Nanotechnology was founded in 2006 in order to better exploit the enormous potential of nanotechnology. The Cluster Nanotechnology is supported by the Bavarian state government within the framework of the Bavarian Cluster Initiative.

The Cluster spokesperson is Prof Dr Alfred Forchel. He is both the managing director of Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH and founding chairman of Förderverein Nanonetz Bayern e.V.

The promoting organisation of the Cluster Nanotechnology is the Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH.

The Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH was founded in 2007 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Würzburg-Schweinfurt and the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg. The administrative office is responsible for managing the Cluster Nanotechnology.

The Network Association Nanonetz Bayern e.V. was founded in 2007. It establishes an open platform for core competencies in the fields of research, industry, teaching and service.

Dr-Ing. Peter Grambow is head of the administrative office.
Our team at the administrative office is available to answer any questions.

The Initiative Junge Forscherinnen und Forscher e.V. (IJF) (Initiative for Young Researchers) developed out of the Cluster Nanotechnology in 2010 and continues to run its own successful youth-promotion programme on behalf of and in close cooperation with the Cluster.

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