Customer-specific innovation workshops

Are you looking for new markets? Do you know your customers' requirements? Would you like to invest in new advanced technologies and innovations?

Then take advantage of our innovation workshop, adapted to your individual needs with elements such as brainstorming, innovation management, thinking outside box, etc.
Will bring all actors together around the table - management, R&D and, if desired, your partners and customers too in order to get a first 360 degree look at your innovation potential. Our individual innovation workshop can support you with your innovation strategy.

The innovation workshops are adapted to your particular needs and desires. The course of such workshops at the round table can take the following form:

  • Welcome and presentation
  • Introduction and motivation
  • Nano-impulse lecture with examples
  • Targeted formulation and substantiation of new conceptual ideas
  • Assessment of the concepts
  • Selection and development of suggested solutions
  • Collection, substantiation and weighing of the ideas
  • Summary and conclusion

The summary of the results will be delivered in the form of a decision matrix. Decision recommendations for the next steps will be derived from this for the management and the departments involved.