Communications workshops

We offer you a customised support package for the communication of high-tech subjects. This package is particularly tailored to small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and is intended to provide you with uncomplicated and low-threshold access to professional technology communication.

You can select from a modular toolbox with different communication tools and compile an individual support package for yourself.

Stocktaking and creation of a communication profile play a key role as an introduction. In a two-hour visit, a brief dossier is created on the basis of the company history, the most important target groups, the past media activities and the content to be communicated, showing any need for actions as individual, concrete points. Building on this, the company can select from various actions in the toolbox. These can be split into two areas:

  • Training the company to instil and develop internal skills (e.g. training in technology marketing or schooling in crisis management).
  • Outsourcing certain communication tasks to the cluster management (e.g. the preparation of factual information for customers or the creation of a regular newsletter).


As a result, the package can be continuously further developed and additional tools can be designed in consultation with the company. After carrying out the actions, their success is evaluated and a before/after comparison carried out.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you wish further information.