NanoAnalytics involves a wide range of methods and processes that are based largely, on the interaction of light of different frequencies, charged or uncharged particles or a near field between a sensor and a sample. It is possible to characterize materials, construction elements, biological or medical samples as well as to control their properties.


NanoParticle measurement – New Approach in Particle Colloid Analysis: Zeta potential titration, size- and molecular weight determination

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Stabino and NANO-flex are designed for dispersion stability analysis. Whether samples are transparent, absorbing, colored, turbid, spherical or irregular, the size range from 0.3 nm to 100 µm promises results for nearly all applications. Samples of up to 40 vol% may be analyzed. Stabino particle charge titrations are completed in minutes with respect to variations of pH, conductivity, polyelectrolytes, etc. When coagulation starts, 180° DLS size distributions show this impressively. In addition, an easy Debye molecular weight measurement in the range from 1000 Da to 20 Mio Da is included.

The following results can be obtained:

  • stability parameters
  • coating evidences
  • agglomeration behavior
  • optimum dosage
  • a colloidal fingerprint