1st PTS Conference "Paper for Power"

|   Nano Termine

10. November 2022, Dresden

Bringing technological goals in energy supply, conversion and storage together along with paper making technology for creating novel cost effective technical materials.

The green energy transition drives ambitious goals around the globe to reach green deal targets in decarbonization of overall economic fields. Green Hydrogen is one of the key strategic substances for energy carrying, retaining and storing as also for coupling the overall economic fields out of the gas section with each other (Gas-to-Power, Gas-to-Heat, Gas-to-Mobility, Gas-to-X).

Electrolyzers and fuel cells functional materials therefore need to be high performant, homogenous and cost effective in large amounts in the midterm scale by the end of this decade. Lignocellulosic fibre based materials from wooden and vegetable sources play an increasing role by pointing these properties, controlled by special paper making techniques, no matters if functional materials have to be metallic, ceramic or polymer based.

So the wide application fields of energy techniques are under closer inspection of R&D activities looking toward completely novel material developments of flat functional membranes, separators, electrodes, catalyst carriers, porous transport layers, compact membrane electrode assemblies, solid electrolyte layers, electrode electrolyte composites / electrode separator assemblies, bipolar separator plates and so forth.

The 1st PTS Conference "Paper for Power" aims on connecting people all over the world working in those fields.

Call for Papers:

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Event Information:

Date: Thursday, 10.11.2022

Venue: Steigenberger Hotel Dresden

Rate: 495,00 € net

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  • 10 % discount on the list price until 10. August 2022
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