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Ein kompetentes Nanotechnologie-Netzwerk
mit Partnern aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Politik und Lehre.

Seminar mit Dr. Kash Mittal: Expertenwissen für die Optimierung der Adhäsion

|   Nano Termine

24. bis 25. März 2020, Hamburg

Sichern Sie sich Ihren Platz in dem Schwerpunktseminar Adhesion Science and Technology mit dem Adhäsionsexperten Dr. Kash Mittal. (Hier gehts zur Anmeldung.)

Unser Netzwerkpartner Krüss lädt Sie hierzu vom 24. bis 25. März 2020 ins Applications & Science Center in Hamburg ein:

Seminar content:

    Adhesion: introduction, theories and mechanisms
    Surface contamination and cleaning
    Analyzing wetting and adhesion by contact angle measurement and the limits of test inks
    Investigation of interfacial interactions
    Polymer surface modification
    Silanes and other adhesion promoters
    Adhesion of thin films and coatings and its measurement

Expert knowledge for your application

For our focus seminar, we are very happy to have Dr. Kash Mittal by our side holding his Course on Adhesion Science and Technology. He is ranked among the world’s top experts in adhesion research and giving courses around the globe. Providing a comprehensive overview of adhesion in this joint seminar, we will also cover contact angle measurement as an effective method for analyzing adhesion and wetting.

Strengthen your bond with science

Apply and further your knowledge about wetting and adhesion with Dr. Kash Mittal and our experienced seminar team. Dr. Mittal will provide a scientific overview of adhesion theories and many aspects of surface pre-treatment as well as adhesion on a broad range of materials. Dr. Thomas Willers, manager of our Applications & Science Center, will set his focus on the application of contact angle measurement as a central technique for analyzing wetting and adhesion.

In a session in our laboratory, our team will pass on practical know-how about adhesion analysis with up-to-date instruments and methods:

  • Tensiometric contact angle measurement using the Wilhelmy method
  • Optical contact angle measurement
  • Contact angles on fibers and powders
  • Measurements on inclined or small samples and in depressions
  • Measuring the effect of plasma treatment carried out on-site

Our seminar team

Dr. Kash Mittal is the editor of 135 published books dealing, inter alia, with adhesion measurement, adhesion of thin films and coatings, polymer surface modification, contact angle and wettability, adhesion promoters and adhesive joints. He has received many prestigious awards including the title of doctor honoris causa from the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland. Also, two books were published in his honor. He was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology and currently he is the Editor of the „Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives” journal, which he founded in 2012.

Dr. Thomas Willers studied physics in Cologne and Barcelona. He received his PhD degree in experimental physics at the University of Cologne. In 2012 he joined KRÜSS GmbH at its headquarters in Hamburg where he is now head of the department for Applications & Science. He is responsible for the KRÜSS Application Labs as well as teaching activities and now has more than seven years’ experience in teaching surface science.

General information

  • A hotel contingent in the city center has been reserved
  • The seminar is a two-day course held in English and limited to 30 participant
  • The practical part of the course will be carried out in small groups
  • Included: all course material, refreshments, luncheon, and dinner on Mar 24
  • The registration is company- and not person-bound
  • 50% of the seminar fee will be charged for cancellations after March 10
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the speakers and the course of events.

Kontakt: Ms. Xi: seminar@kruss.de


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