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Ein kompetentes Nanotechnologie-Netzwerk
mit Partnern aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Politik und Lehre.

Online Seminar: Introduction to compliance work and quality assurance for paper and board in contact with food (FCM)

|   Nano Termine

3. September 2020, Online Seminar

Food comes into contact with many materials before its eventual consumption. These so called Food Contact Materials (FCMs) should be sufficiently inert so that their constituents neither adversely affect consumer health nor influence the quality of the food. To ensure the safety of FCMs, and to facilitate the free movement of goods, EU law provides for binding rules that business operators of paper, board and tissue must comply with. Focused on fiber based materials the EU law complemented with recommendations of the German federal institute for risk assessment (BfR) is presented in this workshop. With practical examples and lessons it is shown how the safety of FCM is proven by the business operators placing them on the market. Information on sources of migrating components during P&B production and converting is provided, and common standards in analytical methods and sampling are presented. Advice for the important information flow along the supply chain as well as examples on interpretation and evaluation of test reports and certificates are discussed.

By individual and team working practices the participants learn how to calculate the worst case migration into foodstuff on the base of analytical results and how to prepare the necessary analytical inspection scope for a food safety declaration.

Practical Examples: During the workshop current problems of the participants may be discussed.

Group of participants: The workshop is designed for engineers and technical staff from paper-/ board-/ tissue-producing or converting companies, quality control managers, product developers, business development-, marketing- and legal affairs managers working in daily routine with the topics of food compliance.

Online seminar registration: After registration via our website you will receive a confirmation of registration and shortly before the seminar date we will send you an invitation to the online seminar.

Consultation: Participation in the seminar also includes a consultation for individual topics. During the events you have the possibility to book times.

Gebühr: 350 € (Online Seminar + Consultation)

Organiser: PTS

More Information: https://www.ptspaper.de/?status=details&event_id=10430&id=2737


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