International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing 2024

|   Nano Termine

10 - 11 June 2024, Berlin

In 2024, LUM GmbH hosts the next, now traditional International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing.
Due to popular demand the conference will again take place at the ABACUS Tierpark Hotel in Berlin.
The exact conference dates are June 10 - 11 2024.
Additional practical shortcourses will take place at the LUM headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof on June 12.
The shortcourse is considered a further training measure for employees of certified companies (DIN ISO 9001 and other relevant).


Emulsion and suspension enthusiasts, tensile testers, coaters and lightweight constructors are cordially invited to learn new analytical strategies and results from scientific and industrial experts. Acquire new methods to accelerate and simplify your R&D and QC processes with LUMiReader PSA & LUMiReader X-Ray, LUMiFuge, LUMiSizer, LUMiSpoc, LUMiFrac (for composite materials) and LUMiFlector.

Conference topics

  • Particle & Surface Characterization
  • Real-time & Accelerated Stability Testing
  • Solid-Liquid-Separation/Liquid-Liquid-Separation
  • Materials Testing
  • Product Parameter Monitoring

Applications include

  • Agrochemistry
  • Automotive & Aviation
  • Batteries & Energy Materials
  • Biotech, Pharma & Medical
  • Ceramics
  • Coatings & Sealants
  • Composites
  • Cosmetics & HPC
  • Filtration & Sludges
  • Food & Beverages
  • Lightweight Design
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Nano- & Microparticles
  • Oils, Fuels & Lubricants
  • Paints, Inks & Pigments
  • Wastewater
  • ...

We are very pleased to confirm the first speakers and lecture titles.
Among them:

Heidi Liva Pedersen
CP Kelco ApS, Denmark
"Stability of oil in water emulsions stabilized solely with Citrus Fiber"

Prof. Dr. Andrea Wanninger
University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein, Germany
"Cold Process Emulsification: Evaluation of Raw Materials and Formulation Concepts including Dispersion Analysis”

Claudia Cencetti
Qi S.r.l., Italy
"A novel amphiphilic polyacrylate-cholesterol derivative as solubility enhancer and emulsion stabilizer for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications"

Mathis Benyaya
Université Claude Bernard Lyon (LAGEPP), France
"Rheological properties and stability of Pickering emulsions stabilized with Differently Charged Particles"

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Jacob
TH Nuremberg, Germany
"Oil Separation of Lubricating Greases under Static Conditions: Analytical Photo-Centrifuge and DIN 51817"

Guy Mechrez, PhD
ARO Volcani Center, Israel
"Highly tunable Pickering emulsion/polymer systems: from colloids to functional surfaces"


The shortcourses on June 12 take place at the LUM Headquarters: Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 3, 12489 Berlin.
Start-time: 9 am
End: 3 pm

Enjoy a full 6 hours of access to LUM instrumentation, as well as a varied program that combines hands-on work with extensive, practical theory.

Please choose one out of five different intensive courses:

  1. Accelerated and real-time stability of formulations - testing methods & strategies, correlation (LUMiReader® PSA, LUMiReader® X-Ray, LUMiFuge®, LUMiSizer®)
  2. Comprehensive characterization of battery & energy storage materials (LUMiReader® X-Ray, LUMiSizer®, LUMiFrac®)
  3. Determination of droplet size, particle size distribution & particle properties (LUMiReader® PSA, LUMiSizer®, LUMiSpoc®)
  4. Relative sedimentation time for Hansen Parameters (HSP/HDP) (LUMiReader® PSA & LUMiSizer®)
  5. Analytical centrifugal filtration (LUMiFuge®, LUMiSizer®)

Please note that the maximum number of participants per course is 4 - to secure your place in the desired course, please make sure to book early. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. "Course-hopping" is not possible.

Refreshments during the breaks will be provided.

Further information and registration: